Our Services


We're here to offer electrical service that you can depend on. Feel free to contact us with any electrical request you might have.

Here are just a few of the electrical services we offer:


  • Wiring repair, electrical panels and meter services. 
  • Greenhouse and indoor cultivation lighting and power distribution.
  • Design and installation of new lighting to upgrade the look of any space.

  • Consulting services for new construction, lighting retrofits and upgrades.





We truly believe that every job and personal interaction makes us who we are. 

We're confident in our services and our staff.

Our staff is regulated, insured and stay up to date on code compliancy.

We are always working hard to make sure that we are reliable and affordable for everyone. 

OUR Company


Current Electrical Contracting began as a family business serving our dedicated Canadian clients. 

Our electrical company has grown and diversified to fill the ever changing needs of our loyal customers within the residential and commercial markets. We have been working within this industry for over 20 years and hold impeccable records with industry safety and inspection authorities.

Street Pole Lighting ~ Thornbury, Ontario 

ECRA/ESA License# 7004734